The Knowledge I Use to Get More Customers

Watch this short video to get started down the path of customer acquisition.

Hi, my name is Chuck Kile. I have been in the construction world my entire life and over the last 7 years I've become an expert on marketing and lead generation for local service businesses.

For me, it started in 2017 when I had to figure out how to get customers to save my job as a superintendent at a remodeling company. Soon after, I did it again for my family's remodeling company in Idaho, tripling the business in 1 year.

After seeing how valuable this new skill was, I started a 2nd company, Adapt Digital Solutions. Over the years I've built a team of over 10 people and, together, we work with hundreds of companies across the country to get more customers and grow their businesses.

This video is very short and straightforward and is the core of how we approach our work. I hope it makes things simpler for you and allows you to take the next step. Thanks for watching.